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SWSLooTM, as U.S. Manufacturer of the Enviro Loo®, is offering three models of the ELOO®, with three additional models in research and development.

PRICING: Please call for pricing on all ELOO models.  Our staff will assist you in selecting the correct model for your application.  SWSLoo owners and staff have over 50 years experience in the human waste management industry and over 40 years in the construction industry. We will also assist you by providing appropriate information for your decision making process. 


 The C-60 is the Commerical Model of the ELOO®. This model replaces the old SWS-2020 and SWS-2040 commercial model of Eloo. The C-60 is designed to service 60 uses/day, or 30 people all day. It is 84 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 51 inches tall. It goes into the ground (if possible) approximately 36 inches, or the height to meet floor level.  Envio Loo USA/SWSLoo is the only company in the US that carries this model of the Enviro Loo. This model is the most current, up-to-date model available at this time.  Please call if you have questions.


SWS-2010 is the current Residential Model of the Eloo.  A new American made model, Eloo R-30, Residential model is projected for Spring of 2014. This model is designed to service 30-35 uses/day or 6-8 people all day.  It is smaller than the Eloo C-60 in overall dimensions but works the same way.


SWS-1040 Industrial Model (high usage). This model is designed for 100 uses/day.  We recommend that this unit be installed in areas where there are a large number of people in a limited space, i.e. schools, sports venues, concert areas, etc.  The SWS-1040 does not have a bottom poly tank but requires a site built masonary vault (blocks, bricks, or poured concrete).  Multiples of the SWS-1040 are placed side by side to create a restroom complex. Most are housed in the same building with separating walls for privacy. 



Eloo M-60 Marine Commercial Model of the Eloo.  This model is designed for use on docks and marinas, other beach areas.  This model is projected to be available in late Spring of 2014.

Eloo R-15, Mini-Residential model of the Eloo.  This model is designed for use by small families (2-3 people), occasional use cabins/vacation homes; hunting cabins; barns; workshops, and other lower traffic facilities.  This highly requested model is projected to be available early Spring 2014.  Please give us your name and contact information if you want to be contacted when this model is available.



SWSLooTM is now offering enclosures (buildings/surrounds) to enclose your ELOO®. These buildings are specifically designed and built for the ELOO®, both standard and ADA models. Because many of our customers wanted a building that would work for very remote locations, our building is very strong but very lightweight. It can be transported to remote trailheads, camping sites, and/or other remote sites via a 4-wheel ATV with small trailer, pickup truck, jeep, etc. You do not need heavy cranes or large trucks to get this building to your site.

Construction details: The building is constructed from metal framing materials with Styrofoam injected into panel-type wall and roof sections. Floors are optional but can be the same type section covered with blown mastic floor sealants or other appropriate flooring material. The roof material is generally sheet metal but other materials are available. The door is metal, with the customer using their own locking devices.

SWSLooTM offers our customers two different types of buildings: completed/finished inside and out, or a structural building that the customer can finish inside and out to meet existing building styles of their location/park/subdivision, etc. Both types of buildings come as kits and are easily put together. The completed building sections come as a kit with the interior and exterior completely finished. The interior is finished with Fiberglass reinforced panels (material you have seen in commercial bathrooms, i.e. convenience grocery stores, schools, etc.), a glossy, easy-to-clean material. Lexan window panes are in the eaves of the building allowing plenty of light.  Exterior vents are found in the eaves of the rear of the building. All ADA hardware is stainless steel and meets ADA standards.


NOTE:  Please call for pricing on the Enviro Loo surrounds.  Our staff will assist you in selecting the right  model for your application.  The Eloo surround has several accessories and finish choices that you will need to discuss with our staff.  We will provide choices and options to help you meet your budget and location requirements.

Model TC-608S

SWS-TS-6080S is 6 ft deep and 8 ft wide meeting the 60" ADA requirement for wheelchair turning radius. A ramp is not included.

 SWS-TS-6080D is for two Enviro Loos® (double). There is a center wall separating the compartments. This unit is not ADA compliant.




Model TS-8X12DSWS-TS-8X12D is an ADA-compliant building, providing two compartments that each meet ADA requirements for wheelchair turning radius. A ramp is not included.






Please contact SWSLooTM for custom-designed buildings. All models will fit the commercial model of ELOO (C-60) and residential model of Eloo (SWS-2010, R-30).  SWSLooTM and our building company partners can design custom buildings for the institutional Enviro Loo®, the 1040, which is installed with a site-built vault, in tandem to serve very large venues and populations. Examples of these venues are sports arenas, schools, shopping malls, outdoor recreational facilities, etc.

For all ADA-compliant buildings, the customer is responsible for ramps, if ramps are required.

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