Enviro Loo - The AIR Toilet - by SWSLoo, Inc.

US Manufacturer and Distributor of the Enviro Loo

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The Enviro Loo® is the first  truly passive SOLAR, WATERLESS toilet and is ideal for areas such as:

  • Remote hiking areasRubicon Trail, CA, Jeepers' Jamboree
  • Cabins and cottages
  • Sports fields
  • Parks - urban hike & bike trails
  • Golf courses
  • Campgrounds and parks
  • Marinas, docks, water areas
  • Mines
  • Highway rest stops
  • Construction areas
  • Water shortage areas
  • Ranches and farms
  • Beaches and lakes
  • Offshore/onshore gas/oil rigs
  • Concerts - festivalsBamberger Ranch Preserve, TX
We have a model for all applications and
most locations.

The  ELOO® has been installed in many countries worldwide since 1993 with over 60,000 installed worldwide.
ELOOS® are in 21 states in the U.S.,and and internationally.  SWSLoo™ currently has new projects in Colorado,
Ohio, Texas, California, West Virginia, and Michigan, in parks, environmental
developments, ecological schools, vacation homes, township parks,
and village shopping squares. This widespread installation has demonstrated that it is a cost-effective, respectable, hygienic, and environmentally friendly sanitation system.

The ELOO® can be found in 19 other countries worldwide. Over 200 ELOO® have been installed on the beaches of Greece in the Mediterranean since 1999. Kruger National Park, world famous for its wildlife safaris and animal treks, uses the ELOO® for staff locations as well as Guest Accommodations.

The ELOO® provides an environmentally friendly way to treat human waste using dehydration and evaporation. The ELOO® is particularly suited for locations that have limited water resources.

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