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The ELOO® needs to be inspected on a regular basis to check on the quantity of solid waste on the drying plate and whether the dried waste needs removal. The period between servicing will depend on the number of users per toilet per day. It is therefore recommended that the units be inspected on a regular basis for the first 3 - 6 months after commissioning to ascertain usage, which will determine the periods necessary between inspections and waste removal services the reafter. The removal service intervals could range from every 6 months to approximately every 3 years, depending on usage.

NOTE: Although the removal of solid waste may be as little as only once a year, other parts of the ELOO® should be checked as often as weekly. The unit should be checked to see 1) that the turbine is working properly, and it is not stuck,  2) the airflow vent pipes are clear/clean and air is circulating properly, 3) the toilet pan is clean, and 4) the liquid level is well below the tray.

SWSloo does not recommend re-use of the unit's residue.  This is NOT a composting toilet!

In the U.S.,
porta potty waste haulers – pumper trucks – are licensed to clean out The ELOO®. The discharge is taken to a regulated location – municipal wastewater plant or licensed landfill by that licensed hauler. County and State regulations apply to the disposal of the waste removed from the ELOO®.

You clean the bowl of The ELOO® toilet pan just like you clean the bowl in your home – but only using the provided ELOO® cleaner. NO WATER, other liquids, chemicals, or additives should go into the ELOO® in order for the unit to work at maximum capacity. SWSLooTM provides each of its customers with a Monitoring Log and detailed Maintenance Instructions.


If you would like to know more about the Eloo, its history, and International Awards it has won, please click here .

Testimonials from our customers:

"This last year our ELOO®  worked GREAT!! We installed it next to the Skateboard Park, right next to the school.  It was used by 50-200 kids/day all season. We kept careful records of the maintenance of the unit, t.p. used, hand cleaner, etc. ......We never had to have it pumped out during the whole season.  The park was open mid-April through early November.  We are very happy with the Eloo and its operation."

John, Parks Dept., Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada  


Pirtle Boy Scout Reservation, TX

“ Our ELOO®  has been fantastic!!  This summer we served double the number of boys and adults from last year – we had 989 boys and 400 adults in a little over 4 weeks.  Since we do not have a counter on the door of the unit, it was a little hard to be exact on the numbers using it – BUT I would say it was a minimum of 50-60 per day.  The boys were going to the shooting range and the adults were walking the trails – all likely to use the ELOO®.  We have had NO TROUBLE with the ELOO® at all!  Just last week I went out to check the unit myself and after all that usage – there was NO ODOR!!”

Ken, Ranger, Boy Scout Camp, Texas


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