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ELOO Technology

 In the ELOO®, radiant heat is absorbed and conducted through the ultraviolet-protected, black polyethylene plastic of the maintenance cover and vent pipe. The increased internal temperature causes convective airflow which is assisted by the ventilation extraction unit, positioned on top of the outlet vent pipe. This unidirectional, positive ventilation ensures that all odors are extracted through the toilet and container and expelled via the ventilation extractor at the top of the vent pipe and/or by power assisted fans where applicable.

 Invented by Dr. Brian E. La Trobe, of Enviro Options (RSA), the ELOO® utilizes bacterial and biological technology. The ELOO® has been installed in many countries since 1993 with over 52,000 installed worldwide. The ELOO® is in 15 states in the US, and in Canada. SWSLoo™ currently has new projects in Colorado, Ohio, Texas, Canada, and Mexico in parks, environmental developments, vacation homes, and village shopping squares. This widespread experience has demonstrated that it is a cost-effective, respectable, hygienic, and environmentally friendly sanitation system.


The ELOO®:

• Uses only the Wind and the Sun
• Uses no water or chemicals
• Needs no electricity or batteries
• No odor and no flies
• Very low maintenance -substantially reduces waste removal
• Zero discharge - nothing goes on or into the ground
• Enormous capacity: 15-60 uses per day (depending on model)
• No effluent will flow out during flooding, and flooding does not damage the unit.

 The ELOO® Is Odorless!

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