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The ELOO/Enviro Loo® leads its competition with these benefits: no odor, no infrastructure, no chemicals needed, no electricity, and very low maintenance. And NO WATER!

Solar (passive) and Wind Power provide the catalyst for the Eloo® to operate in a wide variety of climatic conditions.

The ELOO® provides the right environment to treat and stabilize human waste using separation, dehydration and evaporation. This minimizes the total waste for disposal.

The ELOO® operates by separating the liquid and solid wastes. The liquid waste drains into the liquid trap in the bottom of the unit while a drying tray collects the solid waste. Airflow directed down through the inlet tubes across the liquid and up through the drying tray evaporates the liquid and dehydrates the solid waste. This airflow aerates the solid waste and carries moisture and odors out the exhaust. This air movement and separation of solids and liquids prevents anaerobic conditions from occurring thereby reducing odors.

Human feces consist of roughly 95% liquid. When subjected to sufficient ventilation and ambient heat to achieve the necessary dehydration and evaporation, it is converted, with its associated bacterial and biological activity, into a dried and stabilized material of roughly 5%-10% of its original mass. With the evaporation of liquid and resultant reduction in mass, there is reduced waste disposal required yet having a capability of handling up to 60 uses per day

Since the ELOO® is a natural processing of human waste, no chemical treatments are required.

Comparison with alternatives:

  Compost Vault Chemical Incendiary Septic Eloo
Ground Discharge No No No No Yes No
Water required No No No No Yes No
Chemicals No Some Yes No No No
Pumping No Yes Yes No Yes No
Dumping Yes No No Yes No Minimal
Perk test No No No No Yes No
Power No No No Yes Some No
Odors Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Compost toilets do not separate the solid and liquid wastes. Consequently the waste does not break down rapidly and the pathogens take longer to be devitalized. More practically, compost toilets require more handling of the waste, removal is more frequent and it can be a more odorous procedure. Compost toilets also require the addition of carbon-based materials, such as sawdust, to augment the breakdown of the organic materials. This increases the amount of material to be disposed of and substantially increases maintenance requirements.

Vault toilets do not separate the solid and liquid wastes, creating an anaerobic environment producing odors. Vault toilets totally contain the waste and require frequent pumping to remove the waste, increasing maintenance costs and the possibility of toxic spills.

Chemical toilets and outhouses smell, must be pumped and dumped and are environmentally unfriendly.

Other forms of non-water human sanitation are limited in their capacity and by the onerous procedures for emptying and maintaining them. The Eloo has a large capacity and eliminates all of this difficulty while providing our customers with lower costs and maintenance requirements.

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