Enviro Loo - The AIR Toilet - by SWSLoo, Inc.

US Manufacturer and Distributor of the Enviro Loo

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Enviro Loo  (Eloo) - the Air Toilet, is manufactured and distributed in the USA by SWSLoo, Inc. The Eloo is the only truly waterless toilet on the world market.  No infrastructure is required for the Eloo to function.....no water, no electricity/energy, no additives or chemicals, very low maintenance, and it creates no odor.

WATER SAVINGS - VERY GREEN PRODUCT - ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY -   are all terms that are being used to describe the Eloo (Enviro Loo).  In today's world of extreme weather and diminishing water resources, it is time to investigate alternative ways to save water while safely handling human waste.  The ELoo is the answer. Our website and webpages will provide you with information on Eloo technology, Eloo installation and maintenance, and all the different models available.

SWSLoo is the only company in America that is a legal representative of Enviro Options, the company from South Africa that originated the Eloo.  If you want the "real deal" with technical support, customer service, and years of experience in the wastewater industry, be sure to purchase your Eloo  and privacy surround from SWSLoo. 

We have a model for all applications and most locations. Contact us today at 866-797-3566 or email us at info@swsloo.com

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