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BBB AccreditationThe Enviro Loo® Solar and Wind Evaporative Toilet

The First Truly Green, Solar, Evaporative Toilet

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the size of the ELOO® ?

The ELOO® waterless, passive solar evaporative toilet system is 6-7 feet long, 3 feet wide. It weighs approximately 200 pounds. It goes into the ground approximately 36 inches, up to and slightly over the mating lip, extends above the ground 24-30 inches with 8 feet of exhaust stack.

What is the depth of the hole for installation?

We recommend a precise hole of 8 feet in length by 4 feet wide by 3.5 feet deep.  This size hole will allow for 6 inches of cushion under the unit of sand or loam and 6 inches of backfill which should also be sand or loam. Do not backfill with rocky materials that could puncture the unit. This hole size allows room for attaching appropriate anchors.

What kind of maintenance does the ELOO® require?

The ELOO is delivered with maintenance tools.  Most of our customers maintain the unit by hand. The ELOO® waterless toilet should be monitored closely for the first several months to determine usage. Do not add anything to the solar toilet that has not been eaten first!  Toilet paper is OK. Under normal usage, it should not need to be hand cleaned or vacuumed out for 2-4 years, possibly longer.

Who cleans out the unit? Who can handle the discharge?

If maintained by hand by the owner, any residue removed from the Eloo can be placed in a plastic bag and put out with household garbage. Otherwise, in the U.S., licensed septic haulers or porta-potty pumper trucks – are licensed to clean out the ELOO®. The discharge is taken to a regulated location – municipal wastewater plant or licensed landfill by that licensed hauler. County and State regulations apply to the disposal of the waste removed from the ELOO®.

How do I clean the toilet bowl?

Just like you clean the bowl in your home – using water, Eloo special cleanser (comes with the unit) and a toilet brush. The Eloo Cleaner contains enzymes that assist the waste breakdown.  Just be careful not to use large amounts of water or cleaner – it all needs to evaporate.

Can I build my own surround/top structure?

Yes, you can. In fact, many of our customers build their own surround/top structure so that the structure matches existing buildings and facilities.

Does SWSLoo™ have surround/top structures available?

Yes, SWSLoo™ has a package or “kit” available that includes a lightweight, easy to install, pre-fabricated top structure that is especially useful for remote and hard-to-get-to locations. We also have construction specialists available to help you design your own surround. Please call for information.

How hard is the ELOO® to install?

Not hard at all if you are handy with tools. SWSLoo™ provides technical assistance to anyone who purchases a unit from us. We provide written instructions with the unit and are working on a DVD for installation using pictures of our actual installations, showing different types and methods.

How tall is the exhaust stack?

The exhaust stack is 8 feet, 4 inches tall and can be trimmed to fit the height of the roof of the structure where it is installed, or sections can be added to accommodate taller roof lines.

How does the ELOO® compare to a composting toilet? Incinerator toilet?  (Comparison Chart)

Three characteristics make the ELOO® waterless, solar toilet unique from other types of toilets currently on the market: 1)the Eloo® requires no infrastructure – no water, no electricity, no chemicals, no additives of any kind and creates NO ODOR; 2) the ELOO® requires very minimal maintenance, and 3) no special preparations need to be made before leaving the unit for a long period of time. As long as the sunc comes up, the Eloo keeps working. Waste removal is a major problem with holding tanks, vault toilets, pit privies, and all other non-standard onsite septic systems. If properly used, the waste in the ELOO® waterless toilet evaporates liquids and dehydrates solids to less than 10% of original mass. If improperly used or overused, the worst consequence is that you would have to have the unit vacuumed out by a licensed septic hauler.

If I do not want to do the maintenance on my ELOO®, is there another option?

Yes, SWSLoo™ is working with maintenance providers for the aerobic onsite wastewater systems, and those trained professionals will be able to perform maintenance on the ELOO® solar toilet.

Where do I go to get replacement parts for my ELOO® if something should break?

You can obtain replacement parts by contacting SWSLoo™ at 1-866-797-3566 or 512-285-9494. Since SWSLoo is the manufacturer of the ELOO®, we maintain adequate supplies of ELOO® Solar Toilet parts.

What kind of warranty comes with the ELOO® ?

SWSLoo™ warranties all parts and materials of the ELOO® for two years from date of purchase, providing installation requirements were met.

 Contact SWSLoo™ for a copy of our warranty.  Return and Refund policy available upon request.
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