Enviro Loo - The AIR Toilet - by SWSLoo, Inc.

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 SWSLoo, Inc. is the American manufacturer and national distributor of the Enviro Loo (Eloo).  The Eloo is the newest technology in the field of human waste management.  We provide a toilet/restroom product that is green, sustainable, and very low maintenance.  The Eloo requires NO INFRASTRUCTURE - no water, no electricity, no chemical/additives, and it produces no odor.  

SWSLoo has a proven history of providing quality products, and, extraordinarily good customer service.  The Enviro Loo's new technology of a controlled fresh air flow over the liquids and up through the separated solids is what prevents it from having any odors.  Although it may be serviced by a vacuum truck, it is easier and less expensive to maintain it by hand with the tools provided.  The residue is minimal being reduced to less than 10% of mass.  This ease of maintenance is appreciated by personnel and the long life and low life cycle costs save the agency money.

  •    SWSLoo has over 50 years experience in the human wastemanagement industry;
  •    SWSLoo offers knowledgeable technical support;
  •    SWSLoo offers new models in development that will meet your green and ecological requirements
SWSLoo has made it fast, simple and convenient for federal agencies to procure the Eloo and Eloo buildings they need to meet expanding infrastructure needs.  The Eloos are at Best Value pricing.  Please contact us for assistance in placing your order.

Company Classification:  Small, veteran owned

DUNS Number:  623712028

Cage Code: 4CZN8


NAICS Codes: 562991, 2212320, 237110, 562119

PSC Codes: Y244, R124, F1


Contact Information

SWSLoo, Inc.                           George Witta, President

2005 FM 1704                          Jeri Witta, VP Admin/Finance

Elgin, Texas 78621                   Daylon McCreless, VP/Buildings      cell: 512.940.9346

512.285.9494                          FAX 512.281.3436



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Big Bend Ranch State Park
Lavaca-Navidad River Authority
Lower Colorado River Authority
Devil's River Natural Area


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