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ELOO® History and Awards

Enviro Loo® History

Dr. Brian E. La Trobe, a citizen, dentist, and research scientist in South Africa, recognized the need for more water-saving wastewater treatment many years ago. Dr. LaTrobe used bacterial and biological technology plus expertise gained in research and development of waste management to develop the Enviro Loo® Dry Sanitation System. Widespread experience with the system in South Africa and other countries throughout the world has demonstrated that the ELOO® is a cost-effective, respectable, hygenic, and environmentally friendly sanitation system that satisfies the dignity of all users. Extensive testing in Aids/HIV clinics in South Africa has proven that the ELOO® can handle human waste treatment safely and effectively in some very extreme situations.

ELOOS® can be found in 19 other countries world-wide. Over 200 have been installed on the beaches of Greece in the Mediterrean since l999. Kruger National Park, world famous for its wildlife safaris and animal treks, uses ELOOS® for staff locations as well as Guest Accommodations.

ELOO® Awards

 Tech Museum Award

The Enviro Loo® gained an enormous world exposure in 2005 by winning one of the the prestigeous Tech Museum Awards (San Jose, CA) for contributions to humanity and the environment. Enviro Options Ltd. won the Intel Environment Award for its toilet system, which treats waste without water or chemicals. Awarded in November of that year, Dr. LaTrobe accepted the prize and the monetary gift in California.  2006 Stanford Review Stanford Social Innovation Review, Summer,  lists the Enviro Loo® as its #1 of the 10 Top Innovative Technologies!! To quote from the Review: "The developed world has largely solved the problem of keeping freshwater and wastewater separate - a feat that requires treating sewage properly. Absent proper sewage treatment, latrines and septic systems pollute the precious acquifers that supply clean water in many developing countries. Today, almost half of the world's population - or 3 billion people - lacks access to fresh drinking water.

To tackle this problem, South Africa's Enviro Options (Pty) Ltd. invented the Enviro Loo®. Because the toilet uses no water or chemicals, it doesn't contaminate groundwater. And because it does not require electricity, it can be used anywhere. The Enviro Loo® is odorless and does not breed flies - a lifesaving spec in areas suffering from insect-born disease." (SSIR, 2006)