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Introducing ELOO® Environmentally Friendly Toilets

The Enviro Loo

ELUSA-SWSLoo, Inc. is very proud to notify our customers that we are now offering 4 models of the Enviro Loo no energy toilets - all MADE IN AMERICA. Our models are the R-15 Residential Model, the R-30 Residential Model; the C-60 Commercial Model; and the I-100 Industrial Model. These cutting edge environmentally friendly toilets require no infrastructure - no water, no electricity, no chemical and no additives.


Best of all, it produces no odor!!

All of ELUSA-SWSLoo's models demonstrate our two fold commitment to our customers:   1) offering ?> manufactured to meet the high quality expectations and structural sturdiness of American consumers; and 2) adding American jobs to the American economy.


The Eloo R-15 Residential model targets smaller applications, i.e. hunting cabins; beach/lake houses; off-the-grid properties; small family (3-5 people) applications. Easy to assemble and install, this model is the smallest Eloo available to all customers worldwide.   The C-60 Commercial model replaces the SWS-2020, and the SWS-2040, all outdated models. The C-60 Commercial unit is the model that we recommend for higher traffic areas, like National Parks, State Parks, Golf Courses, Boy Scout Camps, Girl Scout Camps, etc. Please contact us for any questions that you have on this model.
The I-100 Industrial model is our largest model and is recommended for areas where there is a large number of people in a small geographic area, i.e schools, sports venues, concerts, prisons, etc. IMPORTANT NOTE: this model requires a site-built masonry vault constructed at the expense of the purchaser. Because of the costs of masonry construction this unit can be expensive.
The ELOO® is manufactured in the United States only by SWSLoo, Inc. It is built to high U.S. standards and provides an environmentally safe and user-friendly sanitation system. Because the ELOO® uses passive solar and wind power to evaporate waste products there is:
  • No odor
  • No infrastructure required 
  • Very low maintenance
  • No flies (reduces airborn diseases)

Devils River Nature Park, TXThe ELOO® low energy models provide an environmentally friendly way to treat human waste using dehydration and evaporation. The ELOO® is particularly suited for locations that have limited water resources. The ELOO® Toilets are ideal for areas such as:
Remote areas - Cabins and cottages - Ranches and farms - Campgrounds and parks - Sports fields - Water shortage areas - Golf courses - Marinas and mines - Highway rest stops - Construction areas - Beaches and lakes

Golf Courses are a new target market for Enviro Loo USA/SWSLoo's product, the Enviro Loo (Eloo). With the expanding and demanding recreational industry, the Eloo meets many of the requirements of today's recreational user/member by providing environmentally friendly, low maintenance, sustainable human waste management systems. The Eloo (Enviro Loo) does not require infrastructure: no water, no electricity or generated power, and no chemicals.

The ELOO® operates by separating the liquid and solid waste. This waste is subjected to ambient heat and directed airflow to achieve the necessary dehydration and evaporation to convert this waste, with ancillary bacterial and biological activity, into the dried, ashlike material which is approximately 5-10% of its original mass (solid waste). The liquid waste totally evaporates.

Installation of the The ELOO® should be with the back of the unit placed to collect the most sunlight and heat - the solar window in your hemisphere. The heat build-up (radiant heat) is absorbed through the UV-protected black polyethylene plastic of the maintenance cover and vent pipe. The increased internal temperature causes convective airflow which adds to the airflow through the intake pipes.

Depending on the climatic conditions where the The ELOO® is installed, additional solar fans may be added to the unit to increase air flow. Local state regulations may require a high-water alarm be placed in the ELOO®. SWSLoo™ provides a choice of solar or battery alarms, either audio or visual or both, to meet state and/or county requirements. Testing of the The ELOO® indicates that the evaporation and dehydration processes continue working until the interior temperature of the unit reaches a low of 1 degree farenheit, which means that the Eloo will continue to operate in most climatic conditions in a very large range of temperatures. .

Be sure to check our site often to see pictures of new installations and find new Eloo News!  For Eloo Sightings, check our Twitter and Facebook accounts which will reveal where and when we will have an Eloo near you!

We have a model for all applications and most locations. Contact us today at 866-797-3566 or email us at info@swsloo.com

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