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Enviro Loo USA/SWSLoo, Inc. Presents a Green Eco Toilet – Made in America

Elgin, Texas (PRWEB), September 15, 2013 – Made in America now applies to the new commercial model of Eloo, the C-60, that is announced today by Enviro Loo USA. SWSLoo, Inc., now operating as Enviro Loo USA (ELUSA), has been selling the Enviro Loo dry sanitation systems into the United States and Canada for nearly a decade. Following the natural progression for small business in the US, ELUSA has engaged local manufacturing facilities, emphasizing the current business trend to create jobs in the USA. Now, in addition to offering creative solutions to sanitation challenges, Enviro Loo USA will provide customers with attractive, low maintenance, green eco-toilets manufactured with American standards by American workers.

Enviro Loo USA, of central Texas, is announcing the release of the newest model of Enviro Loo – C-60 – now Made in America. The Enviro Loo (Eloo), a human waste management system, requires no infrastructure – no water, no chemicals or additives, and creates no odor. The Eloo, originally from South Africa, was brought to market by SWSLoo in 2006. This new technology is now in 30 states in the US, 5 Canadian provinces, the Caribbean, and South America. With more than 85,000 Eloos installed and operating in the world, the Eloo is growing in popularity and has proved its water conservation value in the world of sanitation. Enviro Loo USA (ELUSA) has just completed the design, fabrication, and mold testing to begin manufacture of Eloos here, just outside Austin, TX. The new American Made model is available August 11, 2013.

The Eloo is unique is a world with depleting water resources. The European EPA announced last spring that “by the year 2030, the need for water, world wide, will be 40% greater than is available.” The water crisis is not going away but products like the Eloo are providing alternatives to existing water overuse. Enviro Loo USA is another American small business bringing back jobs to America by expanding into manufacture of this new green, environmentally friendly technology.

Requiring no infrastructure – rather in fact, saving water, the Eloo uses natural processes to manage human waste. Everything is contained within the unit, nothing gets released into the soil. For more information on the news that is the subject of this release, contact Jeri Witta (866.797.3566) or visit www.swsloo.com. SWSLoo, Inc., operating as Enviro Loo USA, is the authorized national direct sales company for purchase of the Eloo.

Contact Information: George Witta, President
Enviro Loo USA/SWSLoo, Inc.