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ELOO® Applications


These cutting edge evaporative toilets require no infrastructure - no water, no electricity, no chemical and no additives - and create no odors.  Eloo® technology exceeds that of composting toilets.  The following are some of the most frequent applications of the ELOO waterless toilet...

ELOO Waterless Toilets for Parks and Recreation

The Enviro Loo and the Eloo Building (as a kit) is much more cost effective to already restricted park budgets. Park restroom systems that have been used in the past have nice concrete buildings, but nasty, stinky holding tanks for toilers. Not so with ELOO!

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ELOO Waterless Toilets for Camps

Current market offerings for restrooms for camps and parks are very nice, large, concrete buildings with stinky holding tanks. These concrete facilities are horribly expensive to ship all the way across the country, to hire expensive heavy equipment - backhoes, 18-wheeler trucks, and cranes, to unload and place the tanks and buildings! It is cost prohibitive to place one of these buildings in a remote location.

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ELOO Waterless Toilets for Golf Courses

Golf Courses are a new target market for Enviro Loo USA/SWSLoo's product, the Enviro Loo (ELOO).  With the expanding and demanding recreational industry, the ELOO meets many of the requirements of today's recreational user/member by providing environmentally friendly, low maintenance, sustainable human waste management systems.

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ELOO Waterless Toilets for Off the Grid

Cost of infrastructure can cost thousands of dollars. Running water lines, sewage lines, electricity, etc., etc., takes time and money - lots and lots of money. With the ELOO, there is now an alternative for all of your utilities in remote areas. Or, areas that are just now developing. Or, areas where the people want control of their utilities - off-the-grid.

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ELOO Waterless Toilets for Military

Here is the answer to your NET ZERO requirements for human waste management systems - the Enviro Loo and the Eloo Building. The concrete buildings and concrete holding tanks require considerable outside heavy equipment to be brought on base in order to install these facilities. The Eloo and Eloo buidlings can be installed and maintained by base personnel with medium construction skills.

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