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ELOO® Waterless Toilets for Camps

No matter where your camp is located you will have sun and wind! That is all you need to operate the Enviro Loo (Eloo®) - the newest technology in alternative toilets. The Enviro Loo is an evaporative solar toilet that requires NO infrastructure - no water, no electricity, no chemicals or additive, and creates NO odor.


ELOO Waterless Toilet for Parks and Golf Courses


Girl Scout Camps, Boy Scout Camps, YMCA/YWCA camps, Christian Camps, Primitive Camping Camps, etc. - all of these kinds of camps have installed ELoos to provide the latest in human waste management technology to their campers. By using completely natural processes to manage the human waste, this new waste management systems also provides an opportunity to teach water conservation and care for the Earth. You can teach the benefits of a low carbon foot print and the need for low-invastive construction of camp facilities. Your costs are also reduced because you will not have to run commercial water or sewage lines, no electric lines, nor will you have to keep additives or toxic chemical around to manage the waste and/or odors.

Current market offerings for restrooms for camps and parks are very nice, large, concrete buildings with stinky holding tanks. These concrete facilities are horribly expensive to ship all the way across the country, to hire expensive heavy equipment - backhoes, 18-wheeler trucks, and cranes, to unload and place the tanks and buildings! It is cost prohibitive to place one of these buildings in a remote location. You can double your cost of the building and tanks just for the delivery and installation. Check out how easy and how cost effective the Eloos and the Eloo buildings are to install.

LOW MAINTENANCE: no kidding, very low maintenance is a major advantage of the Eloo!. Our customers have reported back to us that they cannot believe how simple and how quick the maintenance of the Eloo is for their maintenance crews. Read our testimonials.

For Parks and Recreational Facilities, remember:

  • Eloos are the newest technology for alternative toilets and require no infrastructure.
  • The Eloo and Eloo building create a small carbon footprint and LOW Maintenance
  • The Eloo is a great way to teach your campers water conservation, preservation of resources, and care for our planet
  • Eloos and Eloo Buildings meet all ADA requirements
  • More cost effective than other current systems on the market today


Where we have camp installations:


  • Girl Scout Camps in SC, OR, WA
  • Christian Camps ( Camp Eagle in TX, NM)
  • Nature Camps (Frost Valley YMCA Camp, NY; Texas River School, TX; Eco Center and Camp, OH)
  • Circling Hills Golf Course, Ohio
  • Cancer Surviror Camp, Grass Lakes Sanctuary)
  • Boy Scout Camps in Canada, IO
  • Activity Camps (Verdun Adventure Camp in VA, Adventure Works in TN)
  • Education Camps (Horse Boy Camp, TX, Horse Boy Camp, TX)
  • And many more...

Please call us at 866.797.3566 with any questions.