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ELOO® Waterless Toilets for Golf Courses


Golf Courses are a new target market for Enviro Loo USA/SWSLoo's product, the Enviro Loo (Eloo®).  With the expanding and demanding recreational industry, the ELOO meets many of the requirements of today's recreational user/member by providing environmentally friendly, low maintenance, sustainable human waste management systems.  The ELOO (Enviro Loo) does not require infrastructure: no water, no electricity or generated power, and no chemicals. 

Specifically, Golf Course managers can quickly realize the advantages of the Enviro Loo because:

  • There is no need to run water lines, sewer lines, or electricity lines to add a restroom for course members/users;
  • The ELOO will provide your members with a pleasant, clean restroom experience rather than a stinking, breathe-holding, hurried, vault toilet or porta-potty visit;
  • Installing the Enviro Loo will mean that pump trucks will not be damaging your turf and/or course several times/week;
  • You will exceed your member's expectations of providing a clean, green, environmentally friendly facility for their use at those back course - far from the clubhouse locations;
  • Common hazardous/toxic chemicals are not required and should not be used in maintenance of the ELOO;
  • The totally sealed Eloo stores all the waste inside. There is no pollution, nothing gets into the soil or the groundwater;
  • And, maintenance is quick and easy - not requiring a lot of labor time or outside services.

There are several Golf Courses that are already using the Enviro Loo.  Those Golf Course Superintendents are very happy with the performance and cost of the Enviro Loo. 

Testimonials from our Golf Course Superintendents:



ELOO waterless toilets for Golf Courses


"The Enviro Loo more than meets our expectations.   We got our first ELOO in 2007 and our 2nd in 2013. My staff finds it very easy to deal with and we get lots of compliments from our members. The only drawback I have experienced is that I underestimated the usage for one of the units.  It requires more attention but we keep up the service on the units so that our members have a clean unit to use. We are very happy with our ELOOs."-

- Ed, OH Golf Course


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"We have had our ELOO installed and in use for 3 months now.  Our customers are very happy with them.  In particular I would say:

a.       The ELOOs work well, very well as long as it has regular care;

b.      Much less material is being handled;

c.       No service trucks on the course;

d.      No water supply, plumbing, tanks, leach beds required;

e.      I am amazed at the small amount of residue that is left after dehydration."


                               - David, NY Golf Course


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