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ELOO® Waterless Toilets for Military

NET ZERO! Requirements to reach net energy zero levels are still in effect. Here is the answer to your NET ZERO requirements for human waste management systems - the Enviro Loo and the Eloo Building.

The Enviro Loo and Eloo Buidling are much more cost effective than other market offerings at this time. The concrete buildings and concrete holding tanks require considerable outside heavy equipment to be brought on base in order to install these facilities. The Eloo and Eloo buidlings can be installed and maintained by base personnel with medium construction skills.

ELOO Waterless Toilet for Military

ENHANCED SECURITY: The Eloos can be maintained by hand if the base is shut down in an emergency or attack. These units do not have to be pumped out so there is no requirement for large tanker trucks to be brought on base to pumps them - and this cancels the high risk these tanker trucks present.

The Eloo Building and the Eloos can be transported in the back of a pick-up truck for ease of delivery and/or installation. This means that these units can easily be moved to remote sites on base, i.e. firing ranges, training villages, recreations areas.

There is no requirement for commercial utilities which reduces the initial purchase price and low cycle costs of the units. The life expectancy of the Eloos is 50 years and the buildings do not attract rodents, mildew, or mold creating low upkeep maintenance.

We have units installed in the Combined Training Command in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Remember for NET ZERO Energy levels that you find in the Eloo:

  • NO Water
  • NO outside Power Requirements
  • NO toxic materials and no requirement for toxic chemicals
  • Minimal volume human waste to deal with
  • Enhanced Security

SWSLoo has sold quite a few Eloos and Eloo Buildings to the Federal Government. Please contact us at 866.797.3566 or 512.285.9494 for additional information.