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ELOO® Waterless Toilets for Off the Grid

Cost of infrastructure can cost thousands of dollars. Running water lines, sewage lines, electricity, etc., etc., takes time and money - lots and lots of money. Now there is al alternative for all of your utilities in remote areas. Or, areas that are just now developing. Or, areas where the people want control of their utilities - off-the-grid. In a remote or off-the-grid situation, those alternatives are: solar panels for electricity, rainwater harvest for water, and the Enviro Loo (Eloo) for sanitation. These are all utilities that you will own yourself, you will control yourself, and you will still have the lifestyle that Americans are used to having.


ELOO Waterless Toilet for Parks and Golf Courses


Here is a common tale: Herbert and Lola just bought 5 acres in the country outside the city where they live. It is just what they wanted - trees, large area for the kids to play, and a great site to build a house when they are ready. They plan to spend week-ends there and maybe their vacations in the summer. It will give the kids an opportunity to have lots of free space to run and play.

But they soon find that there are no utilities in an affordable distance to their great spot. Well, they can carry water, and they have a tent already. Lola does not like not having a bathroom for the kids, and it is contaminating their country space. What to do? The Eloo is the answer. The Eloo can be installed and used by Herbert and Lola while they use the land for family trips/vacations - at at a minimum cost investment. They can use the Eloo for years and years and even have a restroom available while they building their country escape.

The scenario of the country acreage is not the only off-the-grid facility that can use the Eloo - there are many, many, other scenarios - for all kinds of situations. What about people that just want a few acres for the privacy - To escape the hassle and agrivation of our lives today? What about those that are preppers? What about artists or writers or homesteaders or anybody? SWSLoo can help you with an Eloo and the other utilities that you need to get free from some of the hassle.


  • No water is required for this system
  • No electricity is required for this system
  • No additives or chemicals are required
  • This is the best system for off-the-grid scenarios, easy to transport
  • You own it and you control it - safely

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