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ELOO® Waterless Toilets for Parks and Recreation

The Enviro Loo (Eloo®) is a great addition to the resources of a National/State/County/ or Municipal Park System. Because the Eloo does not require commercial infrastructure (water, electricity, or chemicals) installation time is greatly reduced.  There is no need to run water lines, sewage lines, or electricity connections before installation... resulting in an accelerated construction schedule and small carbon footprint.


ELOO Waterless Toilet for Parks and Golf Courses


The Enviro Loo and the Eloo Building (as a kit) is much more cost effective to already restricted park budgets.  Park restroom systems that have been used in the past have nice concrete buildings, but nasty, stinky holding tanks for toilets.  In addition, you pay a huge cost for the heavy equipment required to off-load, and install these systems.  With the Enviro Loo system you have the advantage of placing the restroom exactly where you need it at minimum cost. The Eloo + building kit can be transported in the back of a pickup truck and/or small trailer. The Eloo building is manufactured from materials that do not attract rodents, termites, or mold.

For Parks and Recreational Facilities, remember:

  • 50% or more savings over current market offerings of holding tank and concrete building
  • The Eloo and Eloo building create a small carbon footprint and a sustainable human waste management system
  • No commercial infrastructure required
  • LOW maintenance
  • Eloos + Eloo buildings are ADA compliant
  • Ideal for Parks and Recreation remote locations


Just a few places where we have Eloos installed:


  • Channel Islands National Park, California
  • Kaibab National Forest, N. Rim of the Grand Canyon
  • Lone Mesa State Park, Colorado
  • Circling Hills Golf Course, Ohio
  • 21 Acres Farm, Oregon
  • Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge
  • Canyon Ferry Reservoir,Montana
  • Big Bend State Park, Texas
  • McKinney Roughs Nature Park, Texas

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